Using the Dictionary feature on your Amazon Kindle

September 5, 2022

Unfamiliar words are no longer daunting when you own a Kindle. You are able to get the definition and synonyms of every word you ever find. There is even a Wiki function to look up notable figures, companies, locations and even culture. Information is literally on your finger tips. Oh, did we mention that the dictionary function is built it and there is no need for internet connection?

Now, how do you use the dictionary function? Simply tap on the words that you would like to look up. The dictionary page would pop up and all the information will be displayed for you. As easy as that.

Take advantage of its vocabulary builder as well, it keeps automatically keeps track for you the words that you have looked up. This makes learning a new language extremely easy with the flash cards for active recall.

Go out there and start builiding your dictionary!

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