What is Blipps.io?

Blipps.io allows you to import your Kindle highlights and sort them for easy access. Blipps allows you to retrieve and share your favorite quotes so that they do not get lost in your library.

Do I have to pay to import my highlights?

Nope! Blipps.io import feature is entirely free to use and will be that way!

How are my highlights sorted?

Your highlights are sorted by books, this serves a great way to have a quick look at your reading progress. Find out which books have you highlighted most and provided the most insights!

Can I add friends?

Right now, social features are not our priority as we believe that your reading journal is entirely personal. Let us know if you think otherwise and would like to add your friends to see what highlights they have!

How do I import my highlights?

You will have to retrieve your "My_Clippings.Txt" file from your kindle by plugging it into your PC and upload it on our site. Yes, we understand it is tedious, and we hope that new features on the Kindle in the future would help streamline the process!

Can I import my highlights from other e-Book readers?

Right now, Blipps.io supports Kindle only. We are working on other e-Book readers like Kobo etc. Stay tune!

Still have questions? Email us at Hello@Blipps.io
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