How to retrieve highlights from my kindle?

August 25, 2022

Retrieving highlights from your kindle may get confusing.

Before starting, you will need to know the two types books you may read on your Kindle.

1) Books bought from the Amazon store

Books bought from the Amazon store will have their highlights automatically sync up and shown in your Amazon account and if you are using Goodreads, it will also show up in the highlights section.

2) Books sent over via e-mail or programs such as Calibre, etc.

Referred to as "Personal Documents", Books that are not from the Amazon store will not have their highlights synced with their Amazon account. These highlights are saved on a file in the the Kindle named "My_Clippings.Txt".

To retrieve the .TXT file, you will have to physically connect your Kindle to your PC via the Micro USB cable, then access the .TXT file from your file explorer. was created to help keep track of your highlights of your Personal Documents. Simply upload the .TXT file and we will help to sort the highlights for you.

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