A new social platform for book lovers is launching 19 October 2022!

October 6, 2022

As of writing this post, Blipps.io is finishing on our final feature - the social feature. We will complete our User Acceptance Tests(UAT) and launch Blipps.io officially.

Blipps.io was created with the aim to bring about a fresh change to the book social-media space. Upload your Kindle highlights and have them saved in your very own library. Check out libraries of your friends and see what they have been reading, get the snippet of gold from their highlights and be recommended hidden gems.

Here are some key features that will get you excited:

1) Import your Kindle highlights
2) Easily access your Kindle highlights
3) Automatically organise your Kindle highlights
4) Curate your favourite highlights
5) Share your favourite highlights
6) Add friends

Be sure to try out Blipps.io when we launch! It will be free to use :D

We are launching soon
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