How to create a habit for reading

September 7, 2022

Surely we could agree that reading is a great habit. It doesn’t matter if you read self-help books or fantasy love novels, reading provides a lot of engagement in your mind, improving your imagination, creativity and knowledge of the world. It is not easy to cultivate a habit of reading given the ease of consumption for various media that are arguably more entertaining and immersive. That said, if you would like to read and keep at it, here are some ways that we found to be useful.

Set up a routine:
Set a time and a place for your reading sessions. Block off the calendar and allow yourself only to read during this time. It makes it easier for your to start reading when you tell yourself that that is time for reading. You do work when it is time for work, so implement the same for reading!

Start small:
Start by telling yourself that you’re only going to read a page, no hard and fuss rule. The point is to just pick up a book and start reading. Read something easy, avoid books that involves complicated philosophy and huge mental focus (i.e. Sapiens: A brief history of human kind). It should keep you engaged and wanting to read more.

Move on or rotate:
If you pick a book up and got bored of it, it is okay to drop it and find a new one. You can even have a few books to rotate within so that you do not feel bored. You watch a bunch of different TV series, so why not implement the same concept to books?

These 3 key tips have helped us read more than we did and built a habit of reading. We hope that it helps you too!

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